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  •  Kicking The Health & Fitness Struggle - Understand why you keep starting and stopping diets so you can finally feel and look the way you want
  • Kicking The Workout Struggle - Find out WHY Motivation has been in the shitter
  • Kicking The Food Struggle- Find out why It's so damn hard to stay on track with diet
  • Lose Weight By Transmuting Frustration, Shame, & Guilt - Why we feel so crappy when we aren't hitting our body goals
  • Low Hormone/Low Energy Workout - The Exact workout sample we use for the rehabilitation of tired mams around the world
  • Short 20 Minute Workout for Busy Moms - To give you an example of what you CAN do if you don't have time for the gym=hello energy and confidence
  • Drop The M-Fing Weight Loss Struggle (sample)- GAME CHANGER. A deeper look into the weight struggle. The strategy to help you get out of diet hell
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence & Drop LB's- Codependent Edition - Increase your emotional intelligence so you always know what to do to get results
  • Overcoming Stress & Anxiety To Increase Energy- Remove the anxiety, step into clarity. Increase focus with THIS
  •  Food & Gut Test - The exact food and gut test we use that will help you figure out what to eat to feel better asap
  • 24 Hour Binge Challenge - Our top, most powerful video trainings. 
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I wasn't supposed to be healthy OR successful.

I grew up in a small town, where you eat breakfast biscuits from a local convenience store in the mornings and know everyone and their brother.

For fun on the weekends, I would drink beer while riding 4-wheelers on the dirt road. 

My dad really didn't know what to do with a little girl so I followed along and was hunting and hauling  hay, (solo) at the age of 7.  

I always saw women as the weaker sex, so I figured I would be A tomboy to stay safe and win his approval.

I grew up on a cattle farm, where you had to drive past chicken houses to get to my home... we didn't even have cable TV. I thought Nickelodeon was for rich city kids and loved going to friends houses who had cable! omg it was SO COOL!

My mother, (who's now an addict) and my dad.. well, I've had to do a lot of inner work for things I've come to realize were never, "normal" even though I thought that my childhood was great but that's for another story. 

but wait, why am I talking about my upbringing? and what does it have to do with fitness?

good question!

Let me give you the short version of my last 13 years and you'll quickly realize that IF I CAN BE A HOTMOM... YOU CAN TOO!

Circa 2005- I was built like a refrigerator and wore a size 4-6 pants. At 5'5 and a size 6'5 shoe.. any extra weight on my little frame changed my appearance in a major way. 

 I never looked up to sexy women because it wasn't anywhere in my scope of possibilities. UNTIL, I found a fitness magazine in 2009 that changed my life! 

As soon as I laid eyes on the sexy-toned cover model... who also had muscles but looked feminine, I thought... "wait, a female.. who looked strong?!?!? sign me THE fuck up"! 

so, being the obsessive type A, competitive individual that I am, I wanted to take it to the top and that's exactly what I did. 

I won my pro card in 2012. I was traveling and competing with the fitness industry's BIGGEST names. I was working with Miss Olympia, networking with world champions and gracing the pages of fitness magazines. Life was cool. 

until it wasn't! 

after my 6 year fitness model journey, I realized that something was wrong with me. 

at 24, my bloodwork was that of an 80 year old! I was pre-menopausal in my freaking 20's! and, I was ALWAYS sick, sore and nursing injuries. I found it weird that I started to stay sore for 5-6 days after a leg workout. Something was wrong!

my health was declining, I had gut issues, no energy, low libido, cystic acne, bloat and I was ADDICTED to sugar and caffeine. Did I mention I hated my husband as well?!

In work, I always felt like I was behind and couldn't relax. 

I would go to doctors, holistic healers, therapist and NO ONE could give me answers. Everyone said that I was, "normal" and to just take depression medication or to practice, ",mindfulness". 

I felt defeated every time I would look at the other sexy fitness girls. 

My toxic trait was that I believed that everything was just harder for me than it was for them. 

2015- I had kids! 3 pregnancies back to back and 2 babies. 

I'll never forget how I felt after my 2nd c-section and total hysterectomy...

Results were far and few between at that time and I caught myself wondering if I would EVER bounce back :(

I forced myself to go to the gym that day and after 10 minutes, I had to leave because I HAD NO ENERGY. 

I cried and cried and cried some more, in the parking lot. 

You see, before kids, I could train for an hours!  tired or not tired.

so you can imagine how scared, frustrated and confused I was about all of this. 

I didn't know which way to go or who to really listen to that had been there before. 

Besides, most women are too ashamed to admit this kind of shit. They wouldn't dare admit that that they aren't happy! especially after having two healthy children. 

I felt so defeated and alone...I thought to myself,  "was this the beginning of the end"? 

"maybe I really will end up being like my mother"... a woman who did it ALL. cooked, cleaned, worked, took care of kids, and waited on her husband hand and foot. 

A woman who was resentful and anxious... who never took time for herself

a woman who is the MARTYR! always sick, tired and stressed out and feeling responsible for everyone and everything around her. 

A woman who REFUSED to take responsibility and would rather blame her circumstances that to actually find solutions.

NOOooOOOoo... I cried some more. Praying for a new perspective!

and then, IT HAPPENED! 

Something shifted that day and I found out the exact reason WHY I was struggling to get healthy and fit. 

I was led to and found the RIGHT resources that showed me that my Hormones were really bad after all!

but the coolest part and most magical piece of the puzzle is that I found out WHY my hormones were so off. 

I had to go beyond stress management and literally rehabilitate my nervous system from a lifetime of being in survival mode. I had to repair all the damage I had done with low calories diets, wordly stress, and appetite suppressants. 

I had to learn to EAT more, TRAIN LESS.  I had to learn how to relax without feeling bad about it. ( the hardest part for girls like me)

I had to TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my unseen emotional blocks and negative charges. 

so that's what I did and a few months into the new "way" of being...

I landed a cover of a sexy fitness magazine! ( a dream of mine that I almost gave up on). 

My body never looked better and I went from DAILY cardio to NO cardio!

I went from 1400 calories per day to 2500 calories per day. 

I went from training 60 minutes( sometimes twice per day) to maybe 30-45 minutes 4 days per week

and while I was stepping into physical success, my marriage was being repaired on the backend AND I was hitting Multi-6 figures working part time while being present with my children

I was no longer on edge, yelling at everyone.

so now, I want to share exactly what and HOW I did it, with YOU. 

Disclaimer- This isn't for everyone. 

This is ONLY for the Goal Oriented Female. The courageous ones who isn't ok with mediocre. Who isn't ok with just being ok.. 

The woman I can help, WANTS IT ALL! 

she's a bad bit*c&! She is a career woman, a great mother, great wife AND she has a sexy body to match. She can do things on her own but just needs the KEY to unlock her next level. 

If you put aside the fear and uncertainty, what do you KNOW you need to do right now?

let's do it together! 

click the button below and let's get started. and allow me to introduce you to a part of you that you never knew existed. 
Casey Addison Shipp
Married 16 years - It was not perfect but we are figuring it out ;)

3 pregnancies, 2 kids.  

went from feeling like I would never get to have it all to HAVING IT ALL

the body, the marriage, the mom life, the business.

and I want to teach YOU how to do the same thing!

Frequently asked Questions
Does this come with a workout?
Yes, This comes with 1-2 mini-workouts. They last 24-30 minutes. Great for busy moms and or women who have low energy. No gym required. 
What is your refund policy?
 I do not believe that you are going to want one… You were led to it and trusted yourself to enroll. I would never enroll in something like this and even think about asking for a refund so anybody that thinks that way probably isn’t a good fit for my energy. No refunds.
What can I expect from this?
Inspired content. A renewed belief in yourself. Fresh perspective. Progress. Movement in the direction of your body dreams. New energy. The secrets to getting unstuck. Becoming a better parent and human in general. Increased intelligence. More self-love. Answers. Freedom. Empowerment. Validation. 
Will This Program Help Me Lose Weight
Yes! As always, everything is up to you. You can decide at any moment what you will become available and unavailable for.
Many people with a history of yo-yo dieting come here to learn the reason WHY things come up to derail them and trash their progress.

They report finding themselves confidently taking the steps to start breaking the cycle, but this does NOT come with diet plans or 1 on 1 attention. This is a grow at your own pace kind of thing..
I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to do this right now?
The modules will be there when you’re ready…it is up to you when you start. This is another reason why you NEED THIS! “No time” and “fear of no time” means you’re stuck in fear! Listen for a few minutes while you shower, drive, do the dishes, etc. Yep, it’s that easy
Available for a Limited Time Only
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